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Online Flight Log -- Email Received: Wed, 05 Jan 2000 01:41:36 +0900
From Ross F. Mitchell

I have been an avid aviation buff ever since I was a child and I remember seeing the movie "Ghost of Flight 401" on tv when it first aired. Later on, when I was in college I read the book for the first time and I found the story to be absolutely fascinating. I wanted to find out more information about the ghost stories, to prove beyond reasonable doubt in my mind that they occurred, so in 1989 I went to the Toronto Metropolitan Reference Library and looked up the Technical Parts Manual for the Lockheed L-1011.

I thumbed through the enormous volume (about three Toronto phone books thick) until I reached an index of salvageable airplane parts that had been removed from the doomed jet (Flight 401). It itemized each part and an asterisk outlined a footnote that included a summary of John G. Fuller's book "Ghost of Flight 401.

It explained the association between the airline parts and the subsequent haunting's that took place amongst the Eastern fleet. I feel that if the Lockeed Corporation acknowledged the story in their Tristar jet parts manual than it must be a true story!

R. F. Mitchell



Online Flight Log: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 13:36:19
From Peter Weingard

Just for the Record, we received the folowing e-mail that clarifies why the alert (sound) wasn't heard by the pilots of EAL 401 -- makes sense to me, here it is:

The altitude alert was set properly and the c-chord tone is clearly heard in the CVR tapes. It is likely that because the pilots had their headsets on they didn't hear it. The alarm sounds at the engineers station and he was in the avionics bay.

I know an ex-EAL captain who has flown the ghost plane many times, but I've never really asked him about it. I'll mention it to him next time we talk. In the mean time, enclosed is the CVR recording for your site.

(Note from Keno: We posted the CVR recording transcript on our front page -- so if you haven't read it yet, enjoy, it's a chiller! . . . Click Here to Read the Actual Flight Recording Transcript


Oh, one very important thing I really want to mention, this site should not be construed by anyone to be an Eastern Airlines flight-bashing site. We have absolutely no opinion regarding their level of service and express nothing negative toward this airline. This is simply a site that discusses the crash, which in the real world can, and sometimes does, happen to any airline.

That's why they call them accidents.

I hope that helps because one lady in the Forum was really worried that we were trying to bash EAL -- and that couldn't be further from the truth, because that isn't what this site is about.

~~~ Your Host, Keno



Online Flight Log: July 12, 1999


My name is Carlos and I'm a flight attendant from TAP - Air Portugal, my country airline. As you know our main job as a flight attendant is to ensure the safety of everyone on board, including us. That's why I'm always researching air crashes, so I can learn unfortunately with the others mistakes.

And that brings me to Flight 401. I first read the book "The Ghost of Flight 401" from John G. Fuller a few years ago, even before I was a flight attendant. It touched me deeply because of the description of the crash and also because I truly believe in life after death. But that's another story! It brought me tears just knowing that that crash was real and what all that people must have suffered. And this happened because I always dreamed of becoming a flight attendant. My father was also a captain from a Portuguese airline and at that time I already knew much about air safety and I just couldn't believe how come that accident happened. It shouldn't never happened. I got obsessed with it and since then I started researching everything I could about the crash.

This is what was written on the back cover of the book:

"In the dead of night in December, 1972, Eastern Airlines jumbo jet flight 401 plunged into the Florida Everglades killing 101 passengers and crew. Months later, the ghosts of it's pilot and flight engineer began to appear on sister ships carrying parts salvaged from the crash...

At first, airline employees refused to talk - afraid of possible reprisals. But gradually , one after another, stewardesses, pilots and ground crews came forward to tell their part of one of the most astonishing stories in recent aviation history."

I pretty much know everything about the crash at this moment, but I would like to know much more. So I was very glad to know about this page and about your e-mail address. Do you know anything else about the crash, that it's not written? Did you know any of the crew members of flight 401? Are they still flying? Where? Can you tell me a way of speaking to one of them? What about Don Repo's daughter? I knew from the book that she was also a F/A for Eastern. Do you know anything about her? I know that Kiwi Airlines was formed by former Eastern employees. Are there any of them who were on the crash?

Recently I bought it's video also, last time I was in the US It's called "The crash of flight 401" which is very old but very accurate with all the facts that are reported on the book.

I'm really interested in learning more about the survivors. I would really like to speak to one of them, specially a flight attendant. I would be very discreet doing that because I know how much trauma it can cause even after so many years. I'm not interested on the gory details but on the psychological impacts of a plane crash. We never know when one of this things could happen to us. And even if my airline is considered to be the second safest airline in the world (we just had one fatal accident) I just want to be as much prepared as I can, because the life's of my passengers depend on me and I can't Planck. So if you have any information regarding this please help me and e-mail it to me.

I'll be waiting for an answer from you.

Until then take care of yourself.


Carlos Sequeira


Greetings Carlos, and thanks for sending in your letter -- and being the first to respond to our new Web Site at 123gold.com/flight 401 I'm posting your letter here on the site and hoping that it will "get the ball rolling" so that others can join in and respond and share.

Unfortunately, I am only a moderator -- neither a trainee nor a crew member, a traveler nor a survivor on that fateful flight or others that have carried its scattered remnants throughout the winds of time and airspace, so I cannot respond to your questions -- but I know others who visit here who can, and will provide insight.. So, as you can see, we at at the beginning of a fantastic journey into the past, present and future where there are no limits to what may come from this one seed that has now been sown.

I am hoping to receive many responses and see the site grow into a full compendium of information and sharing amongst survivors, crew members and others who feel touched by this awesome and tragic event in air travel and in time.



AAA Matilda Australia

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