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I Started in January 1996

Back then the Internet was so new. I designed my first web site, a page with gray background, bad font lettering and an awkward graphic. There were about 10 of us trying to wrap our arms around what, as they called it then, a "Home Page" was all about - how it could be constructed, what made it position the way it did and what we might do with it. We were in Yorba Linda, California. During the months following that event I worked my regular job as a City Planning consultant and wondered just what purpose a home page could serve.

In the months that followed I designed web sites using Notepad. There were no graphic design programs yet for web pages. It was not the easiest of chores to set together a site, but it worked and I was able to utilize my connections with the local Chamber and two printing houses to find my clients. Brave souls who were hoping they could get out in front of the rest after hearing those wild commercials about the Superhighway. I even started a local business directory online - again, using only Notepad.

Over the years I have had clients in retail, manufacturing, art, engineering, architecture, show dogs, show horses, fireman, fire trucks, morticians, attorneys, musicians and apparel. I've long since moved from Notepad to design programs and specialized in serving art galleries with my characteristically black backgrounds.

Along the way, somewhere around 2000, I started to specialize in search engine promotion - an all too overused phrase assigned to just about anyone with a keyboard. But in my case I watched and learned and tested my marketing and found that if I followed my own method, I could usually land my clients on the front pages and keep them there for a beautifully extended period of time. As you can imagine, I am quite proud of that and I do get calls frequently asking me to jump in and get my program working.

You might comment that this page lacks a certain commercial flare, and you would be right. It is only here as a "by way of introduction" and nothing more. If you have heard of me, it has most likely been from word of mouth. I don't take on a lot of clients and make sure that the ones I do serve have sites that have been well kept and free from the bugs that could cause crashes - something that is more likely to happen in the new WordPress world and other "let's create a web site online" systems.

For now, I am going to list some of the pages I have produced, not as an exhibit, but because they will serve as links to creatively promote my community together as a single organism. In other words, this page will go a heckuva long way towards getting my clients interlinked and propel them higher up the food chain for that golden chalise in the search engines. What was that goal again? Ah yes, The Front Page.

As I do this now I can see that the pages I created 18 years ago are not as refined as my more recent work, but don't hold that against me.

I just put this last passage together because a friend of mine said that he thought I should at least put something on my own domain. So there. I did it.

If you are interested in my work, please email me at newart@123gold.com - allow 48 hours during business days only. No holidays. No pool. No pets.

For better or for worse I designed each and every one of these pages below. As a benefit of my years I have finally lost any of my old pride and sentiments, and I now simply say they are what they are. I am most proud that all of these pages at one long time or another, when the funds came my way, had their place of the front pages of the major search engines and sold a whole bucketload of art in the process.


Pierside Gallery

Thomas Kinkade - Alexandra Nechita - Cao Yong - Hessam - Pino - Michael Parkes - Fabian Perex - Michael Cheval - Thomas Stiltz - S. Sam Park - Rod Chase

Art Center Gallery

Fabio - Michael Godard - Gabe Leonard -

Sink Stink Odor Eliminator (I kid you not)

Gann Products

History - Products - Contact - Location - Links

Zebra Ham Radio

Ohana Net - Nick's 7230 - The Zebra Store - Mike's Corner - Ham Exam Study - Field Day 2014

Group 7155




I'm far from done here, but the dinnerbell is clanging and I'll be like Arnold, and be back.