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About Zebra Ham Radio

In a nutshell, it's all about learning, because as Hams we are caught up in a constant river of information exchange. On this site I've preserved much of what comes from those exchanges you hear on the bands and saved them as links, articles, photographs and more - handy to access and fast at your disposal. And, in additon to information, you will also find group listings. If you would like your group listed, please email me and we can get a free listing started for your group.

Originally this site was my notebook. Having it on the internet meant that I could see it anywhere on my phone, pad or laptop. But then it grew and I was intrigrued by the idea that I could provide information to others that I wish I had handy when I was first trying to find my way around. I like that idea and have made the committment to continue to store more information, links and listings in the years ahead - and have it handy for everyone to enjoy. I sincerely hope you'll find this site of value and invite you to drop me a line and say hello. ----- 73! from the Big Quiet Zebra







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